Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Ombre or Not to Ombre?

So now that the new year has begun and we are in extreme "find a new house" mode, I am starting to dig this whole change thing. I have friends who talk about how they LOVE change it's nice to spice up life a bit but that has never been my style. I am very afraid of change most of the time. I like my same restaurants, same actors, same clothing stores, and most importantly......same color. I have been a blond my whole life except for when I had a "young life" crisis and dyed it brown. I hated it, felt ugly, and needless to say went back blond super quick. There was one good thing about being brunette though, I met my husband. He said he had always dated brunettes but LOVES blonds. Seems like it worked out pretty perfect for him :)

Anyhoo, back on track. Now that I am getting used to the idea of change I am thinking about going ombre. I love the look on other people and thinks it's totally fab but when I tried it before I had a mental breakdown {yet again} and that also didn't last. Why is it that I always freak out you might ask? I have no idea, I should probably see a therapist or something. So this is my question to all you fashionistas out I try it again and hope this time it sticks or save myself the trouble, time, and hair damage and just stay bright blond?

If I do go ombre this is the color I will be shooting for.....haha still not that big of a change I know but I'm trying baby steps

I know the words are covering it so it's hard to tell but here's another

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  1. Do it! It looked so good last time but you didn't keep it long enough for everyone to Wow it!