Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Craving Cut Offs!

With our temperatures high in good old AZ I am constantly trying to keep as cool as possible and making sure my clothes are as easy breezy as I can get them. My two fav summer essentials are of course a maxi dress that I can throw on and go, and my new obsession.....cut off jean shorts! They are fabulous, fun, and most of all functional for our insane heat waves. When the heat rises so do the hem lines! I am thinking these gems might have to be my next DIY project and in true Marci style, I have to make sure they have some form of embellishment. I am thinking studs but who knows. Here is some on my inspiration and I will post pics as soon as I make some!!!

So I'm pretty sure these are the ones I will try to make but I'm loving them all so who knows!
Studs on one side

High waisted and fabulous

Pocket perfection

Colored cut offs would be so fun

Loving the pattern and the stud addition!!!

These were DIY shorts too! Amazing 

Love the lace detail

Pics from Pinterest

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