Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

Are you ever stuck on what to wear when you are going on vacation? How do you find the right balance of comfy and cute when getting ready to board a flight? Well I'm here to help! I have done a lot of traveling in my 26 years and have pretty much mastered the airplane outfit. Here are the rules that will help you stay comfortable and make traveling a breeze.

Rule #1: Wear close toed shoes that are easy to get on and off. Since you have to take your shoes off when going through security I usually wear ballerina flats or boots so it's quick but they also keep my toes warm on the over air conditioned plane.

Rule #2: Keep your legs covered. This goes along with my earlier statement about the planes usually being cold {at least for me who hates being chilly.}

Rule #3: Your top should be comfy. You do lots of lifting, twisting, and bending while at the airport so you need to make sure your top isn't too constrictive so you can move around your luggage with ease.

Rule #4: Always be prepared. Even though most of the year in AZ is hot, you never know what the plane or your destination location's temp could be like. I always keep a light jacket or wide scarf in my purse so I can throw it on if I get cold.

Rule #5: Less is best. Don't wear tons of jewelry while traveling because you will have to take it all off when entering security. This applies to belts, hats, and all other accessories that will take time to remove and put back on. Like I said in Rule #4, I keep my scarf or jacket in my purse until I need it so I don't have to remove them in security {unless you are somewhere cold and need it already}. I normally only wear a watch, {an easy way to make sure I'm good on time instead of rummaging through my purse for my phone} and a simple pair of earrings such as studs that are easy to get on and off super fast. Every once in awhile I will wear a necklace that I can take off over my head so it's a quick removal.

Seriously the best travel I have seen! Loose oversized blouse, amazingly comfy leggings, boots, a watch, stud earrings, a simple necklace, and oversized travel purse......LOVE!!!

This outfit is great with flats instead and the belt isn't metal so it works!

This would be great for when I go to Cabo since it's hot here and there! Simple necklace that is easy to get on and off and the shoes are open toed but great for my two locations

She has stud earring, a watch, a scarf, and simple hair which are all perfect for travel

A dream outfit for flying. Maxi skirt to cover the legs, simple hair again, comfy shirt, and denim cover up as a jacket!

Everything except the heels {unless you like a challenge}


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