Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discovering Talent

Have any of you heard of the band The Lumineers? They are pretty new {but completely amazeball} and came out with a huge hit called Ho Hey. If you haven't heard it, all you have to do is click THIS link which will take you to a blog post I wrote back on June 6, 2011. In this particular post I wrote about a fabulous blog and insanely talented group I found called The Lumineers. I also posted a youtube of a fun jam sess they did with the song that is now their biggest hit!

I mean how many people can say they discovered a huge talented group? {ok maybe not me but I knew a good song/group when I saw it} I just wanted to do a little flash back and give myself a pat on the back for having fabulous taste! {not like anyone ever questioned it} Have a relaxing Tuesday and chill out to this song all day long!!!

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