Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog Hopping

Today was a very lazy day in the Corlis household. I was at home and with Asher and he decided he did not want to do anything ALL DAY but be held. Needless to say, this meant a very rough day for mommy. He is taking a nap now and I am finally sitting down, giving my back a rest and yes, I am still in my PJs! As soon as my hubby is done working I am getting in the shower, washing my hair, and getting myself all nice and pretty looking and will then surprise my lover with a date night. We will hopefully be having a few of those this week since Saturday Asher, my family, and I will be heading off to Cabo for a week and leaving daddy home to work and make us that money honey. We need extra time with him since we will be in total sadness all next week......well except for when we are laying out at the amazing resort, having fun on the beach, shopping around town for new and exciting finds, or getting our party on. But absolutely every other second we will be in mourning.

Sorry for my random rant, back to my lazy day of holding the babes. Since he wanted to be held all day and doesn't like it when I sit down while holding him, we stood in the kitchen and blog hopped all day. I found a new AMAZING blog about a fabulous brunette in Manhattan and decided, for today, while having spit up on my shirt, my hair messy in a ponytail, and a baby attached to my hip, I would pretend to be her. While browsing all her posts, I found this video she got from youtube. I must say, it makes me want to become a hipster and find underground jam sessions that no one else knows about. They have many other videos on youtube as well but for now, this one is my favorite. I hope you enjoy and it brings a smile to your face this Monday!

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