Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby, Babes, Bebe

Everywhere I look there are babies, babies, and more babies! Almost everyone I know has at least one bambino or even more. Now, add to the list the rising number of pregos running, waddling around me and let me just say, I am NOT touching anyones water but my own!!! Dont get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little snuggle man but adding anymore to this broad is terrifying at this moment. 2 bottles to make every 2 1/2-3 hours, 2 sets of dirty diapers all day and night long, and 2 chunkers giving each of my arms an intense workout at all hours.......not my idea of a fun time. Once Asher is walking around on his own, out of diapers, and feeding himself then I might start thinking about another. Until then, I can love all over my friends little bundles of joy! Here are some of my fav baby things......enjoy and I wish you a great start to a happy weekend

Um hi, I want these milk and cookies they look so delish!!!

I am obsessed with these hanging lanterns over the crib

I know Halloween isnt for while but I am seriously considering this for Asher!

If I ever have a little girl, this will be exactly what she will turn out like :)



Little boys dream land!

I will be making this snack for A all the time when he can eat it

Mommy + Baby + Paris = My Dream!


This is so fun for a bike ride with multi kids

Enough said

I am obsessed with Mustaches right now

They grow up WAY too fast

In Asher's next room

This baby will someday be a Rockstar!

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