Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look of the Week

I know this Saturdays look of the week is pretty late tonight, but I just got home from Cabo and had to know, the only bad part of vacation. So, now that the laundry is going and the suitcases are empty, Im back to the blogging word. Im loving dresses with blazers right now. They are so easy to throw on and actually look like you took the time to put an amazing outfit together, even if it was really only a 5 second decision. My new love is also anything gold! I used to hate when my mom would wear gold jewelry growing up and would tell her, "Gold is for old people." Let me say, "Im sorry mom!" You knew best about this one and gold pieces are now my go to accessories! Here is my take on an easy peasy evening outfit with pops of color. Happy weekending and try throwing together your own blazer inspired combo......Laughs and Love

Step 1: Start with an Adorbs stripped dress

Step 2: Add a FABULOUS pink blazer!

Step 3: Never be scared to mix colors

Step 4: Winners wear gold

This ring ROCKS

Step 5: Top it all off with an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G hairdo!!!

The finished project = PERFECTION

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  1. Great look! Don't even get me started on LC...she has the best style ever.