Monday, June 27, 2011

Look of the Week

I know I know, this post is 3 days late but cut me a little slack.....I was in Cabo for a week and came home to mountains of laundry, a 5 month old that needed to get back on schedule, and having to fit 2 weeks worth of clients into 2 days! I'm tired but finally caught back up. Anywho, back to the "Look of the Week." This week I was going for subtly sexy! This outfit is perfect for just about any occasion for flying to a destination spot, shopping at the mall, having drinks with the girls, or on a hot date! I hope you enjoy and try this look out as soon as possible!!!

Start with a completely black outfit! AKA my FAV color

Add some color with a chic scarf....I own about 100 and every time I bring a new one home my husband tells me, "I have never met anyone who owns SOOOO many scarves!"

Of course, add an oversized purse!

Throw on a pair of insanely high and sexy red stilettos

Add an adorbs piece of statement jewelry! (I love bracelets) 

What goes better with a smokin hot look?


Top this fabulous look off with some fabulously stylish hair!

Plus, I decided this week to add a "Quote of the Week!"

Hahahaha I seriously busted up laughing when I read this! 

Well, I hope you love the "Look of the Week" and try to always find ways to be stylish......Stay FABULOUS! 

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