Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dumb Blonde?

If you have gorgeously sun-kissed blonde hair then don't be a dummy, take care of your strands with these products that are perfect for you!

#1- Shimmer Lights Shampoo
This will help keep your blonde from getting brassy in between hair appointments. Use it once a week

#2- Moroccan Oil
Blonde tend to get dry because of the lightener stylists use on our hair. This oil will help add moisture and tame down fly aways. Use from the middle of your hair strand down through the ends, if you put it at the roots it can make your hair look greasy

#3- It's a 10
I have mentioned this product before but I am seriously obsessed! It's a leave in conditioner that you use when hair is wet before or after you brush it out. Bonus.....if you wet your hair with tap water and spray this throughout before you get in the pool it will help keep your hair healthy and not turn green!!!

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