Thursday, February 9, 2012

V-Day Prep

So with Valentines Day approaching fast, I of course started thinking about my outfit. I mean what else would be more important for me to think about then that? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors red and pink so Im pretty sure that I will be wearing one of those colors. With that being said, I probably won't be decked out from head to toe in red, maybe just a pop of color here and there unless I find a fantabulous colored dress or something.

For V-day my husband and I switch off each year on who plans it so that we each get to be surprised every once in awhile. Last year was my turn and I think I did a pretty awesome job, JD was super duper surprised. This year is his turn and since I don't know what we are doing it will be a little hard to plan what my outfit should be. This is why I have to be prepared for everything that I might end up doing and show JD his choices and ask him which one I should wear so that I can still be surprised! I love getting surprises {which barely ever happens in this girls life, JD are you reading this?} so there's no way I would spoil it. Here are some options I am thinking about, which are your favs? Thanks for the help dolls!!!

Love me a red skinny with a polka dot top!

Die for how much I love her and this outfit

This would be my casual look

Super cute and girlie!

Totally sexy and is what I am hoping to dress like

Like I said, I LOVE polka dots

Why not pair pink and red together? Best idea EVER!!!


  1. I'm loving Blair in the first photo! You could make it casual or dress it up with the fur and heels!..and who can resist red skinnies anyways?! :)

  2. cute!!!