Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Styling Tools

I have tons of people asking me all the time about different styling products and tools that I love the most. Check out my post HERE about the products. Today I want to share with you some well kept secrets about tools used to make you look fabulous! Plus there are a few new products I threw in to keep you on your toes!!! Happy Wednesday dolls and I hope you all had a A-MAZ-ING Valentine's Day

I just saw this little gem tried out at the salon and instantly fell in love! You can get that fun spunky color in the ends of your hair that is really popular right without having to worry about the long term effects. It comes in 3 or 4 different colors and they rinse right out when you wash your hair! Isn't that cool?

This is Lauren Conrad's hair when she permanently dyed her hair these bright colors....a little too crazy for my everyday life. I can just use Color Bug instead!
I could never live without my boar bristle round brush! Seriously, I would die!!! I use this brush for most of my styling at home and I use one on every single client at the salon. My fav time to use this brush is when I wear my hair in bun. Everyone always wants to know how I get my hair so smooth and this is my secret. I also love it when I want tons of volume while wearing my hair down. {But let's get real, that one almost never happens because I don't have the time to round brush all of my crazy amount of would take like 12 days if I had my little man with me!}
This is what I use for all my teasing needs.....a metal rat tail comb. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with the ones that have the metal ends but I just am. This is the exact one I have at home and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
These beauties are the world's best kept secret! It still amazes me when I find people who haven't heard about them. {Women with gray hair I should say} If any of you have tried dry shampoo, these are almost exactly the same except for one amazing upgrade.....they cover gray roots! Yes you heard me right, no more gray in between hair color touch ups to worry about! You pick the color that matches your hair the best, spray it on your roots once you are all done styling you hair in the morning, and it washes out the next time you wash your hair. I know many women who have told me this product has completely changed their lives! {well DUH!}

Some tips on finding your perfect brush!!!

This attachment is called a concentrator and goes on the end of your blow dryer. I use it on every client and EVERY SINGLE time I round brush. It concentrates the hair into one straight stream so you don't get fly always! {do you see where it gets its name?} I can always tell if someone has blow dried their hair using just a basic blow dryer without one and when they did use one...... I call them out and they think I am some kind of magician! 

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