Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prego with an Eggo

So pretty much every person I know is pregnant! It's insane, tons of friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and everything in between. What's in the water? Whatever it is has made my decision to drink only soda easy! {just kidding I am actually trying to give it up again} Since Asher is now one, people have started asking me when I am having another one. Come on people can I just focus on getting my old body back? Why is there this need to pop out 12 kids before the time I am 30? This girl doesn't care about how far apart my kids are, what my dream for my family used to be, or what others think I should do. All I know is my time with Asher right now is perfect and I don't want to mess it, those little buggers are expensive and momma likes to shop! Haha

Anyhoo, back on track. With so many friends being knocked up it got me thinking back to my pregnancy style. At the beginning I was lucky if I had clothes on that weren't covered in puke! {my morning sickness was on another level} Then once I started feeling better I literally LIVED in leggings. Let me clarify, BLACK leggings. Thank goodness most of my pregnancy was during the fall and winter so I was able to bust out my insane collection of blazers as well. 6 out of the 7 days of each week I could be found in my black leggings, white top, black blazer, and gold accessories with black boots. I guess my mind was focused on the whole black is slimming motto. I think if I ever do decide to have another little blessing, I will do things a little differently. I want fun, flowy, comfy clothes that scream femininity! Here are some gems I found that are going to make all you pregos out there pee your pants in delight!!!

She is always glowing when prego

Top knot, pencil skirt in stripes, and rain boots.......freaking adorbs

Literally DYING over this dress Natalie Portman wore!!!

City chic

So girlie

This is almost identical to what I wore everyday

Ok we all know I LOVE blazers so get over it

Can I just be her next time?

Super bright, fun, and comfy!


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