Monday, July 23, 2012

Vegetarian Day 1-2

So I stopped eating meat yesterday except I will let myself eat fish no more then once a day. I have been 100% successful for 2 days, no cheating at all! I will keep you all updated on what I eat and how I am doing on losing weight {yes that's pretty much all I think about.} Here is my menu from yesterday and today!!!


Breakfast-nothing {I know naughty but I'm not big on breakfast}
Lunch-raw snap peas with hummus and some grapes
Dinner-homemade seared ahi tuna and raw snap peas


Lunch-thai chopped chicken salad from Paradise Bakery but I didn't get any chicken on it
Snack-whole wheat pasta with pesto
Dinner-a caesar salad with no croutons and 1 shrimp and avocado crostini {I ate a few of Asher's french fries because he decided he didn't want to finish them.....oops naughty}

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