Thursday, May 26, 2011

Camera Sadness

I went to the lake last Thursday and had an amazing time! I love being out in the sun, getting my tan on, and just relaxing. I love going to the lake, but let me tell you, I HATE the water. I don't know if I had a horrible experience with water when I was young or what but I have a huge complex about it. I hate any large body of water, a lake, the ocean, even a really big pool at night. It's just being in the water, not by the water. So its hard when for people to understand when I tell them I love the beach. I just don't like going into the water, but everything else is divine! Come on, Im from California, how could I not like the beach? 

Anywho, back to my lake story. I was having a great time when somehow water splashed into the boat and my bag was sitting right there! NOOOOOO! I grabbed my stuff out as fast as I could and dried everything off. My camera was the only thing that I was worried about because thankfully, my brand new iphone was somewhere else. I didn't turn the camera on and waited till the next day so that it would hopefully dry out. This was not the case. My camera will not turn on or do anything at all. Im so sad and have been minus my buddy for a week now. This is why I have not been able to post anymore personal pics. I am going to my cabin this weekend for the glorious holiday and will hopefully have time to get a new one when I get home. I will just have to steal my mom's this weekend until then! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and is able to spend time with the people they love most! Oh and PS, be careful :) 

Asher is so sad too that there are no more pictures of him till I get a new camera!

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