Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feathers are here to stay

Feather extensions are all the rage right now! Seriously, yesterday while I was at work at Hair Do Salon, about 40 people came in to get them put in their hair. They come in just about every color and you can add as many as you want. They are amazing and we don't even have to use heat to put them in. We use a small metal bead that matches your hair color. Then, we clamp a piece for your real hair and the feather together. It takes only a few minutes and lasts for a few weeks to two months, depending on how you take of them. You don't want to be the last person without them do you?

Feather are not just for your hair. They have been popping up everywhere lately. I have seen them in weddings, on shoes, clothing patterns, and even as decor in the home. Feathers are fun, flowy, and bohemian. They add a touch of nature to whatever you use them for. Love them long time! Check out all these awesome uses for them......

Really, why wouldn't you?

A bunch of single feathers in different places

Here are quite a few chunky feathers in one spot 

Gwyneth goes wild for feathers

AMAZING feather earrings

Love these ones too

Stripes and feathers.....what's better then that?

This is a good choice if you don't actually want them attached to your hair

Fabulous peacock shoes. Im obsessed with the vibrant color

One of my friends needs to through a masquerade ball ASAP!

Is this too much for my everyday life.....NO :)

Must get this clutch

Seriously this dress is to die for!!!

Bohemian perfection

Such a fun wedding bouquet 

I never thought about using them as a chandelier

I am buying this wallpaper today!

Isn't this feather wreath a cute idea for Easter?

So incase you missed it, I talked about how obsessed I am with the color pink here. I am also OBSESSED with Christmas. My husband probably wants to kill himself every November 1st because is the day we being to start the festivities! I make him put up the lights on the house and we pull out the Christmas tree. Yes I know, Thanksgiving isn't even here yet at this time but there is no holiday that will ever compare, sorry. This pink feather tree might have to make an appearance at the Corlis house this year!

All pics via pinterest

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