Monday, May 23, 2011

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

I have been in a very crafty mood lately. I have no idea why all of the sudden, every once in awhile, I decide to try to make new things. This the first time, since I had Asher, that my craftiness has stuck so my ideas have been leaning more towards the baby area. There are so many options to start with, binkies, blankets, wipe cases, etc. Of course I can also never turn down an awesome house project. Those are absolutely my favorite and I am sad that I have no finished one in a very long time. Incase you didn’t catch that, I said I haven’t finished a project, but I have started quite a few. I have decided this summer is going to be the time for me to finish all those random crafts I have sitting around my house and even accomplish some new ones. Here are some pictures of the projects I am loving right now. They take ordinary objects and turn then into extraordinary masterpieces! I can find a use for everyone of these in my house, but can’t do them all. I don’t know which ones to start so give me your input please!

An amazing tray out of a shabby chic frame

This is a great idea for an office or work/craft room

A simple mason jar turned into a soap dispenser

I never thought I would want a gardening tool inside my house but now I do!

I am obsessed with this idea. I want to do a red shutter to hold my Christmas cards

Lettuce that is transformed into a stamp

Ok this isn't a craft I have to make but it is still an awesome idea for my bracelets 

Um yes please! Not quite sure how to cut the bottom of the bottles though

I love that you can hide that ugly garage door button with this gorgeous idea

Perfect for my patio and another simple use of mason jars

I want to do this for Asher's books so they are easy to get from one room to the next while we play

Cute end tables

I would literally die if I could accomplish this chandelier coffee table!!!

I want to try this and turn MY old baby crib into a couch

Beautiful plates with candle sticks/vases = fabulous tiered platter

All pictures are from my Pinterest

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