Sunday, May 22, 2011

I PINK Im in Love!

My love of the color pink has been a life long love affair. What little girl doesn’t want to dress up as a pretty princess and dance around in fun frilly pink dress? I have always been a girlie girl and don’t think that will EVER change. I hate to admit this, but walking into my closet, looking at my clothes that I have been collecting for years, and thinking about all the possibilities I have for my wardrobe makes me grin from ear to ear. Clothes make me so happy that I think I might have a condition, maybe I should ask a therapist if that is a real addiction. If it is, I think I might be a lost cause and have already passed the point of no return. Im so serious, I think if given the choice to be able to eat dinner or go shopping, I would probably pick the shopping!

Anyway, now that I went on a random rant about my EXTREME love of clothes, I think I should get back to the main topic……PINK! From Barbies to bedrooms, and everything in between, I just cant get enough. Before Mr. Snuggles came along, I had my very own dressing room in my house. Yes, I said it, a bedroom dedicated exclusively to my clothes, purses, jewelry, scarves, hair care, and anything else you can think of that a girlie might need! Every wall was painted pink with accents of black and white throughout the rest of the room. I couldn’t believe my hubby let me do anything I wanted with the room. He is the best! However, I graciously turned my amazing oasis into my little mans now blue and black nursery. I now need a bigger house so I can go back to having my amazing pink and fabulously girlie dressing room. I really wish I would have taken pictures of it before we made the transformation so I could show you all how great it really was. Don’t worry, I will take many pics of my next pink room. Here are a few of the pinks I love and the different aspects of life that you can use this amazing hue in. Happy Pinking!!!

I am so in love with this headboard it is ridiculous!

This is the perfect winter coat

This fun maxi dress is from my other life long romance, Forever 21

These beautiful vintage glasses can be found at Anthropologie

This will be one of my main parenting topics with Asher growing up

Um I just died for this outfit!

Must have this dresser at some point in my life

Make-up from MAC's Barbie line. That blush is my favorite EVER

Pink jeweled Christian Louboutins, how can you go wrong?

The girliest shower curtain which also looks great as regular curtains in a bedroom

Those of you who know me, know that I have another obsession, Ryan Reynolds. He is the epitome of perfection. I have told my husband from day one, "If I ever meet Ryan Reynolds, I am leaving you immediately, Im sorry that's just how it has to be." Haha

I would use this cute Kitchen Aid mixer to bake yummy PINK treats

Any pink present is a present for me!

Long gorgeous dress in Paris, need I say more

I am starting a baby clothing company with my girlfriend Karen and would love for this to one day be my office with this AMAZING pink desk

Just when I thought Christmas couldn't get any better

Ok, Im in love with this hair and pink flowers, I might be trying this in the near future

The pictures without links are from my always fabulous Pinterest


  1. I agree with you Marci. PINK is the best color ever. Ill have to send you a picture of my laptop, my car seats, basically everything i own. Its all PINK. I even have a light pink and hot pink christmas tree.

  2. WOW we have way too much in common!! lol I love Ryan Reynolds and PINK everything too!!! lol I am in love with the dresser you posted!!! How lucky are you to have a "pink" room with all your stuff in it! My Mom said she had a Pink room when she grew up too and even the carpet was pink! Love your blog girl! miss you