Monday, May 21, 2012

30 before Thirty

I got the idea for this post from Ashley over at "Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs." She realized how little time she had left till she turned 30 and decided to make some what of a New Years Resolution List except she gave herself a little over 3 years to complete it. In honor of me also turning 30 in less then 4 years, I wanted to do the same. Here is what I hope to accomplish before my life stops at 30 haha just kidding, kind of.

1-Let's start if off with a bang, I want to go shooting with the hubby!

2-Buy an new and fabulous house in the heart of Gilbert, AZ
3-Try Salsa dancing
4-Make a difference in someone's a good way :)
5-Get good at bowling cause right now saying I'm terrible is a total understatement!
6-Go back to Chicago, at least twice

7-Get back into yoga because it truly does relax me
8-Take up running {even though I don't actually want to}
9-Teach Asher to say "I Love You!"
10-I'm not 100% positive of this one but it's a definite possibility......Have another little nugget to love with all my heart

11-Spread my love of fashion to as many people as I possibly can
12-Get my lips done
13-Build my clientele even more with amazing clients that I adore!
14-Pay off Jd's school loans
15-Throw a bunch more Pinterest Parties, I had so much fun at my first one!
16-Go to Napa know I love me some wine

17-Be that crazy mom in the crowd at Asher's sports games that screams and yells and thinks her son is the best on the team.....even when he sometimes isn't. I will always be his biggest fan
18-Make more time for my hubby. When you have a baby they tend to come second
19-Take Asher to put his toes in the sand in California as much as possible

20-Go golfing with Jd
21-When it isn't a billion degrees out, go hiking at least once a week
22-Get back into photography

23-Try to let things go more and give people a second chance, I tend to hold onto things for a very long time
24-Learn another language......or at least some of another language
25-Go camping with my two boys and have lots of adventures

26-Take a cooking class with Jd, we love to cook together
27-Surprise my man with breakfast in bed
28-Learn to sew, this skill would be so handy in my closet
29-Don't become hysterical when Asher starts preschool.....I don't know if this one is realistic, he will always be my baby boy
30-Read more, at least one book a year! haha

I heard this book was hilarious!


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