Thursday, May 24, 2012

Style Icon #3

Nicole Richie was a mess when I first found out who she was. Paris Hilton's chubby little sidekick who had a drug problem. Then she became the stick figure who everyone was worried about and wondering when she was going to announce she had an eating disorder. Once she got pregnant with her daughter Harlow, she completely transformed! It was so amazing to watch her become a responsible mother and a healthy, happy fashion icon. Now, she is the host of a huge clothing TV show called Fashion Star. I love watching it {partially just to see what she is wearing} and the concept is so great I can't get enough! And I'm sure you all know what I am going to say next.....I am OBSESSED with her hair! Like I have said before, I don't think you can be a true style icon without having amazing hair as well. She pulls of bangs like a pro and looks good with blonde or dark hair. Her bohemian style has yet to be accomplished by anyone else and I doubt it ever will. Here's to you Nicole Richie, the best transformation I have ever seen!

Extremely chic yet still hippie

Cutest baby bump ever!

Love her House Of Harlow Line of jewelry, I have the black one she is wearing

Her adorbs wedding dress

Can't say it enough......I LOVE BUNS!

Love it all

Probably my favorite look of all time!

Obsessed with her hair jewelry

And this one

Braids and babies

The perfect fishtail

Prego and still fabulous

Those bangs, I'm super jelly

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  1. Hey Marci! Great post, love her! And I'm passing along the Liebster Blog award to you! Congrats! Check out my blog for details! Have a great holiday weekend! :)