Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Paying Off!

As many of you know, I have been on an intense workout and diet regimen for awhile now. I am in a boot camp with other mommas that lets me bring my nugget and have been eating really healthy! {except for the occasional slip up} At first I was really discouraged because I didn't lose one pound for about a month and a half. I weighed myself this morning and guess what? I am down 4 pounds!!! Finally I am seeing some results in the form of numbers. I knew that what I was doing was working since my clothes were getting looser and my body was looking a little more toned. Now I have proof. I have another 4-9 pounds to go and then I will be a happy camper. I am not sure what I want my end weight to be because it will just depend on getting toned and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me along the way. My hubby started eating healthy with me so that I didn't have to be tempted by his naughty food hanging around our house and he has lost 15 pounds! {why is it always easier for men?} Miss Lisa who kicks my booty into shape 3 times a week and holds me accountable for what I eat. And lastly all my friends and family who put up with my picky eating and the fact that when we go to restaurants it takes me 20 minutes to find and order something healthy.

Here are some of my fav healthy foods I have been eating lately that you won't feel guilty about!

My #1 go to healthy meal is seared ahi tuna!

I love love love hummus and raw veggies. I eat this for a snack or sometimes as lunch

Watermelon is the perfect summer snack for this chick

I do chicken or turkey lettuce wraps a lot with yummy avocado

Grilled pineapple....need I say more?

I combine these two pizza and do homemade shaved asparagus and zucchini pizza on whole wheat dough. I use very little cheese and use pesto sauce for most of the flavor. This is an every once in awhile dinner since it does have quite a few carbs

Chicken kabobs with green bell peppers are one of my fav dinners

Any type of grilled fish with veggies is perfect {love me some mahi mahi like this pic}

Chicken tortilla soup is so delish and pretty healthy

My absolutely favorite lunch right now only needs 3 ingredients and takes about 2 minutes to make! First I only use HALF of a bagel thin which is 55 calories and toast it. Then I add a wedge of laughing cow lite swiss cheese which is only 35 calories! Finally, I top it with sliced oven roasted turkey. It is insanely delicious and has a total of about 160 calories!!! Can you believe that?

Here is another option for breakfast

I try to eat as many veggies as possible throughout the day and asparagus is one that goes great with fish or chicken for dinner

When I go out to eat anywhere that has asian food, I always order seared ahi tuna and miso soup. I order it with only the broth and no seaweed, tofu, or onions. This meal is very very healthy and it fills me right up!

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