Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chicago Baby!

So remember my last post where I was talking about how I had to go to Chicago twice or more before I turned 30? Well I followed through with one of my goals already, I will be in Chi Town in a few short weeks! Yay yay yay!!! I am seriously so excited I can't even describe it. I haven't been to Chicago in 3 years and it seems like a lifetime. "How can this be?" I frequently ask myself {since on my last visit I decided I was moving there and never looking back}. I fell in love with the city the second I stepped off the plan at Midway Airport. The architecture, the lights, the excitement, the almost 3 million people that live there, the shopping, the food, the EVERYTHING......this city has anything a person could dream of or ask for. People laugh when I say that I have a love affair with Chicago, but I'm not joking at all. Does this make me weird? If it does do I care? Haha NO!!! I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it {10 points for whoever knows what movie that's from}

Anyhoo, even though my relocation fell through, {I had a little nugget that's my whole world} I still dream about being there at night. I let myself believe that one day when I win the lottery, I will become a snowbird here in AZ and a fabulous loft owner in Chicago during the summers. Can you think of anything better? Everyone is welcome to come visit my place while they are dreaming too :)

Here are some of the outfit options I am contemplating, because everyone is as prepared as I am for their trips right? The weather is supposed to be perfection with an average of around 80 degrees!!! I will be there for 4 days and 4 nights so that means I have to pack at least 6-7 options for daytime and nighttime. I have a little bit of an overpacking problem but at least I can admit it. So let me know which outfits you think are perfect for the most amazing city in the world!!!


Military Jacket and Leopard

I have a blazer that looks just like this when I pop it!!!!

Blonde hair, Bright top, and White skinnies = Adorbs

Cute shorts and pops of color

Love it all

Seriously loving white with brights this summer!

Bright bras are so cute

This girl loves any excuse to wear leggings :)


Super sexy and chic

I have this dress already and the super low V-neck is really hot!

Reminds me of Miss Courtney Kerr!

Love love love this skirt

Love everything about this

All black and red is always a great choice

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  1. So jealous! I'm in love with Chicago too! (that's where I'm from!) Love all your outfit ideas..Hope you have an amazing time!