Friday, March 9, 2012

Mamma Mia Pizzeria!

The other night we turned our kitchen into our very own pizzeria! We bought whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's and all the toppings that tickled our fancy. {Im pretty sure I have told you about our masterpieces before} I made one pizza and my hubby made another. Once we were done we shared and voted on who's was the Jd's won :( Mine was really good but what can I say, we are pesto family. Mine had dough, then mozzarella cheese, then grilled chicken, asparagus, and finally some fabulously delish white truffle oil. {My mouth has already started watering} Jd's pizza was dough, then pesto sauce from Costco, then mozzarella cheese, then grilled chicken. The taste of pesto just can't be beat in my book and I reluctantly crowned Jd the pizzeria king. It is so easy and fun to come up with your own creations and all you need a simple stop to Trader Joe's or any store that carries dough! What toppings do you think we should try next time?

Jd's pizza about to go into the oven

Mine {the healthier pizza}

The final product of the winning pizza....DUH WINNING!

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