Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vegas Vacation!

Yay the time is finally here! This weekend my sister Michelle, 4 other awesome ladies, and myself will be taking a quick little plane ride to SIN CITY!!! Why are we taking this vacation you ask? Because my little sister is all grown up and getting married in a month. WOW how time flies. This means time to get our Bachelorette party on!!!

Anyhoo, seeing as how it's only one day till we leave and I am starting my extensive packing regimen, I want to see what all you fashionistas out there in blogging land think about outfit choices. Even though we will only be there for 3 days and 2 nights, I will be over packing {like usual} and bringing MANY options. Like Rachel Zoe always says, "You can NEVER have too many options!" Sheer genius that one is. These are the styles I am loving right now and wanted to know which you like the best. Some are daytime looks and some are for club hopping. I already have a insanely gorgeous dress for the first night so I just need one for Saturday night. Ps keep in mind one day we are probably going to a pool party if the weather permits. Thanks for the help and have a fabulous weekend while I am away!!!


Love the bright colors!

Super sexy but super casual

I have lace shorts like these but in black

Love the stripes and that it's dressy for daytime

I can't put my finger on it but I literally die over this look!

Another super casual look so I'm not too sure

Night Looks:

White will make my spray tan look even better! haha

I have a leather skirt that I love and would be really cute

Love the sheer top and all black

I have this skirt so it would be more like this look

Like I said, loving me some white with a spray tan

Totally adorbs

I love the all black, sexy tights, and of course her hair and lip color!!!!

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