Monday, April 2, 2012

Backyard Renovation!

I am completely over my backyard right now. It is still the exact same way that it was when we bought the house two years and that means BORING! I want to completely gut it and start from scratch. Thankfully my grandparents are PROS at gardening and all things outdoors when it comes to a house. They do all their own yards in all the houses they have owned. Here are some of my inspiration pics that I'm obsessing over. I want lots and lots of greenery and definitely a fire pit!

Obsessed with all the hydrangeas

Such a cozy fire pit

I want sit here sipping champagne :)

I must have stone tiles with grass in between them like this in my backyard for sure!

Great use of a small space

A grand fireplace

Most stone and grass work

I love that this looks like a room from inside a home but outside!!!

Eclectic feel

Wish I could put french doors in my house

MUST paint our side gate a bright fun color

Large seating area for fun entertaining and hanging out with friends

Summer fun and lots of green

Which ones are you favs? I don't have a ton of space but enough to do some cute stuff with it!

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  1. The fifth picture should definitely be your first option. It's like Taj Mahal in full American color. It's exquisite and the grass-bordered patios are just lovely. If you're planning to use the existing shubbery around your house, a creative landscaping job would definitely make your backyard look something like this, or even better.