Friday, April 27, 2012

Obsessing Over: Summer Style

Here is a quick glimpse into what I'm obsessing over right now. I am loving, wanting, and needing all of this. I hope you all have a fabulous day and I will be posting pics of my sister bridal shower that I threw very soon!!!

Mixing brights, you will need sunglasses when you see me this summer

Nicole Richie and her always fabulous luscious locks

The idea that soon I will be able to have lemonade stands with my little man

My next DIY project that will look absolutely amazing on my front door

The day that I can say this. By now everyone should know how obsessed I am with getting into shape

This STUNNING Chloe swimsuit that makes me drool

Seriously DYING for these coral lace Toms! I need them for summer so bad

Men who take this seriously. Talk is cheap and you never know what day could be your last so show those you love how much you care every single day!



  1. loving all these hair and outfits! how funny is it that i bought that wreath like a week ago! hahaha, we have good taste. swim date soon!!!

  2. I know I saw the wreath hanging in your house and I was like, "wait did she see my post and get around to making it before me?" haha Pier 1 beat me too it! When do you want go swimming? Asher would live in the pool if he could