Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50 Shades!

If you haven't heard of the phenomena 50 Shades of Grey then you have obviously been living under a rock! It is the best book I have read in my life!!! Let me give you the 411 on this gem. It's super sexy and about S&M. Yes you heard right. Sex sex sex is the main theme of this book......well I guess there is a relationship thrown in there too :) It's about a billionaire named Christian Grey {get the title of the book now?} and a woman named Anastasia Steele. When I read the first book I HATED {yet secretly loved} Mr. Grey and then once I read the second book my mind changed completely. I became obsessed and started wishing for the first time a fictional character could be real. The third book has the most action {no not sexual action.....actual action} and I think most people will like their relationship the best in that one but my personal fav will always be #2! You all seriously have to read these books, I can't stress it enough. The first one might scare you but just remember the next two are the best. Here are some funnies I found that show just how obsessed people have become with these books! Oh and did I mention they are making a movie out of it? YESSSSSSSSSSS! I can't even describe my excitement when I found out the news. I just don't know how they will even scale it down so it can be rated R. I know that I will definitely be seeing it the day it comes out at the IPic theater with a drink in hand! Boom


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  1. Looks like I'm not the only late to the Christian Grey party! I just started reading and read the first two books in a few days. Sooo good! Although I would definitely not say it's the best book I have ever read and I do wish the writing was better (the grammatical errors drive me crazy!) but it is so suspenseful and their relationship is so exciting!