Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trip Hair

My OCD set in for my Chicago trip but is now in overdrive. After making lists and planning outfits I am now choosing pre-set hairstyles. What is wrong with me? Only a hairstylist would have set hairstyles with each outfit that I have planned. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be normal, but then the voice in my head tells me everyone else is boring compared to me haha. So here are some ideas that are rolling around in my head! Enjoy

Big hair is ALWAYS a must!!!

Waterfall braids are always cute and will keep the hair out of my face while site seeing during the day

I think I will be busting out some straight hair once this trip too

Something fun and different

I might need some clip in extensions to pull off this bombshell look

Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear my hair in a bun at least twice a week

Sexy low bun is another option

Jeweled hair accessories are always a fav

Fishtail fun!!!


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