Monday, October 17, 2011

Choose your fav BRAID!

For my first braid tutorial I wanted to get everyones advice on what you want to see/learn. There are so many different uses for braids in hair and I want to make sure I am helping as many hair enthusiasts as I can! This tutorial will be pictures since the video on beachy curls I did can't be uploaded to my computer at the moment. Here are your choices! Leave me comments letting me know which are your favs and the one you want to be my FIRST hair tutorial! Happy Monday Lovers

Photo 1: The Braided Bun {and my personal fav}

Photo 2: Tight Side Fishtail Braid

Photo 3: The Milkmaid Braids

Photo 4: Face Framing Braid

Photo 5: I refer to this as the Waterfall Braid

Photo 6: Braid and Pony

Photo 7: Half Up Fishtail Braid

Photo 8: Loose Side Fishtail Braid {this style doesn't use a rubberband......there's a super cool trick on how to keep it braided}

Photo 9: Headband Braid

Leave your comments below on my blog. The votes on here will be the ones taken into account when I make my decision on which braid style to do the tutorial on. Thanks!

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  1. I like the braided bun most. I already know how to fishtail braid but I wanna learn the bun and headband.

  2. Headband or framing

  3. I love the braid bun!

  4. I vote for photo 8.. I still cant manage to get a fishtail started right!