Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Braided Bun

Here it is ladies, the long awaited tutorial on the braided bun! It is one of my all time fav hairstyles {for me} because it is super easy, takes almost no time at all, and looks super chic once it's done. I get compliments on my hair by at least a few people EVERYTIME I go out with it styled like this. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

I always wear my hair this way on day 2 or 3 after washing my hair. Yes, I go days without washing my hair because my son thinks that holding him should be my full time job and never lets me get ready. I'm lucky if I get a shower in everyday. Sorry for those who are cringing right now.....that's this girls form of motherhood. Anyhoo, I use a boar bristle hairbrush to put my hair in a HIGH ponytail on top of my head. The boar bristle brushes help to give you a smooth look all over your hair.

Next, I braid my ponytail in a LOOSE braid. If you braid it too tight then it will make your bun look small.

Then I twist the braid around the rubber band from my ponytail

My hair is super long so mine wraps around twice. If you have short hair you might have to change this just a little.

Once all the hair has been wrapped around {mine twice} then I use bobby pins to secure my hair all around the outside.

After that I hairspray my entire head to keep fly aways down and Ta-Daaaaa! Super simple, super easy, and super fast. This takes me all of about five minutes. It's an interesting shaped bun that people always wonder "How did she get her bun to look that cute!?" If you want a messier look for your bun take your brush and lightly brush around all of your bun to pull some hairs out. Try the braided bun out yourself and I hope you all loved my first tutorial. Have a fabulous start to your weekend tomorrow loves!

PS-In the pic of Lauren Conrad you picked for the tutorial has tons of extensions in her hair. I just wanted to clarify why my bun is not as large as hers. Maybe I will later on do another tutorial about adding extensions to your bun that is a whole nother mess I'm not getting into today.