Sunday, October 23, 2011


So tonight my mom, sister, and I went to see the new Footloose. I had heard mixed reviews on the movie and was sceptical about whether I would love it or hate it. Well I was pleasantly surprised and LOVED it! It had almost the exact same story line so I knew what was going to happen but hey, who really wants to mess with a classic? They had updated dance moves, some old and new music mixed together, and a lot less clothing. It was actually A LOT racier then I was expecting and felt awkward knowing there were kids in the theater with me. Note to parents: when it says PG-13, that means NO KIDS UNDER 13 PLEASE! There is a reason for that rating. Anyhoo, back to the point it made me want to jump out of my chair and dance my pants off!!!! Julianne Hough was gorgeous {even though I love her better blond} and I think I should stop eating to get her body. The only bad review I have is that I wanted more dancing! If the whole movie could have been dance after dance I would have been thrilled but I doubt many people would have wanted to see that unless they had a dance background {I happen to have danced since I was 2.} I hope all of you go see it!

When you add this sexy guy

To this stunner

You get this.....onscreen magic

Showing off their sweet dance moves! Believe me they are A-MAZ-ING

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