Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target

The day is here.....HALLELUJAH! Today Missoni's line for Target made it's debut and it was nothing less then fabulous! The colors, the prints, and the all around beautifulness of this line blew my mind. I spent my day traveling to three Target locations and browsing {also known as sprinting} the stores. There was one point when I almost tackled a woman who was eyeballing my floppy hat. There was one black hat left hanging up and as I was reaching for it the woman next to me started to as well. Let me just say the look I shot her could have melted the skin right off her face! I know I know, it's only a hat right? NOOOOOOO it was the LAST BLACK Missoni floppy beach hat and it was coming home with me no matter what.....whether there was a woman's body in the back of my Yukon as well was her choice. Let's just say she made the right choice.

My three amazing scores today guessed it #1 The black floppy hat

#2 A pair of AMAZING ballet flats

And #3 A pair of knee high black and brown zig zig socks that I will most definitely be rocking all winter under my boots!

This is the closest pic I could find of my lovelies

Check out a Target near you or to find your fabulous Missoni pieces! To check out the other Missoni looks click here. Happy Hunting fashionistas!!!

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