Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stylist to the Stars

Ms. Kim K or should I say the new Mrs. Humphries, we all know her and whether you love her or hate her I think we can all agree that her style is BANANAS! She isn't the typical stick figure that Hollywood is known for, she has curves and cleavage but always manages to look stunning next to those pin thin starlets. How does she do this you ask? It's simple.......Monica Rose. She is the IT stylists in Hollywood and has amazing style. I am always checking out her blog for secret tips of the trade or anything and everything fashionable! The other day I found this insane idea for a DIY collar necklace. It is so easy, chic, and rock'n'roll all at the same time. Give it a try and hopefully her blog will help you find YOUR own personal style as well.....Love and Hugs Dolls!

Monica Rose

DIY Collar Necklace

The supplies

Finished Product!


To get the step step instructions and enlarged pics on this rocker necklace click here.


  1. I know I love it and one of my girlfriend makes tons of necklaces like this so I might be doing a giveaway for one of them coming up!