Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I told you all that I would be posting pics of my craft day.......let's just say things didn't go quite as planned. I haven't done too many craft projects in my life so when I decided to try 5 at once I should have known things were going to go wrong. Me sharing my crafting journey with you has been put on hold for a few days until I can re-plan, execute, and document my new {tweaked} crafts! Let me just tell you this.....the ones that went smooth are amazing and wallet friendly! As soon as I'm done you all will be the first to know {and see}

Anywho, instead of projects, today I will be sharing with you a fabulous blog for all you interior design enthusiasts! Also, you must like/LOVE the color turquoise for this gem of a site.'s called House of Turquoise! It features any and all shades of this glorious color and great room ideas for all areas of your house. Check it out and throw a little turquoise into your home. Here are some of my favs right now! Enjoy and happy hump day!!!

This was MEANT to be my laundry room!

Perfection for fall :)

My kind of outdoor oasis

I just got some amazing turquoise plates from Z Gallerie and I will show you all soon!

Love the colors, love the patterns

If you ask my husband what plant I am OBSESSED with he will tell you, Twisting Junipers!!!

Comfy chic office

 In love with this nursery!

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