Monday, September 12, 2011


Most people probably aren't too familiar with this term but I can guarantee you have ALL seen it before. It has also been described as "color fading" or "color melting." This technique is most commonly used in hair color but can also be seen in clothing, cooking, decorating, anything, and everything! Being a hairdresser, I get this request for people's hair quite often. It is so sexy and can also make your hair look longer....what a plus!!! Here are some of the ideas I am OBSESSED with when it comes to Ombre coloring and hopefully it will inspire you all as well. Have a fabulous day!

Love this style with the bangs!

Ombre with bright color is so IN

Such a beautiful way to used this technique with flowers

Gwen is such a trend setter!

These MUST go in my house!!!

Im thinking I need this for Asher's birthday

She looks even sexier now....I didn't think it was possible

I bought clip in extensions and dyed the ends pink and blue!

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  1. Google search "BCBG Molly Ombre Chiffon Gown." I designed it...seriously =) You will love it! Its blue ombre and I am wearing it for my rehearsal dinner ~ Jess

  2. PS Love the ombre nails! Never seen it before! ~Jess

  3. Yeah I really like it! Cant wait for your wedding!!!