Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cabin Time

Over the weekend we took a little trip with my family up to our cabin in Forest Lakes. For those of you who don't know where that's about a half hour outside of Payson at the Rim. We were so excited to get to see snow because my dad told us last weekend there was a big storm and it snowed a lot. Well, when we got up there we were sadly disappointed to see that almost all the snow had melted and there wasn't enough to play in :(  Even though there was no snow we had loads of fun! We had some very intense games of darts, lots of cooking in the kitchen, as always Asher had his own dance parties, and tons of snuggle time {mommy's favorite!} We had so many people loving on our little man it was like passing around a hot potato. There was mommy and daddy, my parents, and my grandparents. The fun just seemed to never end!

My two handsome boys!

The light of my life

Hanging with great grandma outside

Yep, he knows he's perfect

Before we left for the cabin I re-read my copy of Skinny Bitch. Let me say I think I like it even better the second time around! There are parts of it that I don't take too seriously but other parts are shocking even when you have already heard it. The first time I read the book was right before I got pregnant so my clean eating didn't make it very far......I just wanted to eat something I could keep down! Now that I have my little bundle of joy on the outside of my tummy I can focus on what our family is ingesting and putting inside us. The book is all about clean eating and watching what you put into you body very closely. I didn't realize how many hormones and chemicals are put in the foods we eat everyday. I seriously love this book but with that being said, let me also state that there are things I know I can never follow. The writes of this book are vegan and express their views about how everyone should eat vegan throughout the entire book. Let's get real now, there is no possible way I can give up meat. I can however eat tons more fruits and veggies and cut my meat intake down to a minimum. I just started out three days ago and I am training my body to want more veggies instead of meat. Right now I allow myself one serving of meat per day. We will see if I can get that any lower but I'm not holding my breathe. I think everyone should read this book just to inform themselves about how eating organically can change your life......because it has definitely changed mine!

I am trying to eat as many greens as possible each day and decided to see how it would taste to add a bunch together at one meal. Let me tell was FABULOUSLY DELISH! I had this sandwich two days in row for lunch because it was so tasty. I can't wait to make it again and get my nosh on! Try it out for yourself, it completely fills you up yet leaves you feeling light and energetic. I can't even describe how it feels to be eating clean and it has only been three days. I know next month I will probably be a whole new person! 

Lean, green, yummy machine!

From top to bottom: Ciabatta bread, pesto sauce, spinach, avocado, iceburg lettuce, and ciabatta bread. Next time I am going to try throwing a little zucchini in there too....yum!

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