Sunday, November 27, 2011

Menu for the Week

Tomorrow is grocery store {Trader Joes} day. I have planned our meals for the week and will go buy all the ingredients I need to last us till next Monday. As I told you all here, I am on the Skinny Bitch fad and I am loving it. I let myself cheat by having a slice of my moms cheesecake on Thanksgiving.....I mean come on I am only human. Anyhoo, I am back on track this week and have an awesome meal plan for the week to keep me completely satisfied! Here is my list of dinners for week while eating clean, they are totally delish and I can seriously not wait to nosh on these babies {and hopefully have some leftovers for lunches.} Enjoy and PS it's almost December.....YAY!!!

Whole wheat grilled veggie pizza

Garlic potato rounds with pesto and avocado

Smoked mozzarella, spinach, and penne salad

Veggie Gyros

Spinach, pea, pesto over linguini 

Turkey bacon, avocado, and apple panini {yes I know it does have turkey bacon but I figure one night with just a little meat is ok if I am really good all week right?}

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  1. i stole all of these recipes for my week grocery list. do this again. everything rules.
    <3 from chicago
    (see you soon!!!)

  2. Yay Mandy Im so glad you are almost here! I will do this again just for you!