Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween! {Late}

Happy Late Halloween to everyone! I know I know I haven't posted a new blog in quite sometime but I was sick last week. I'm very sorry for the delay but here it is.....Asher's first Halloween adventure. We had tons of support for our little lion that night, two grandmas, two grandpas, one great grandma, one auntie, and one soon to be uncle, plus two of the proudest parents you could find {aka me and the hubs.} We all decided to go as the Wizard of Oz. I was Dortohy, Jd was the scarecrow {I was sick so I couldn't finish his costume in time and he went as the top half of Asher's costume because he wouldn't wear the head part,} my sister was the good witch, her fiancee was the tin man, and my mom was another witch. We had a blast trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. We didn't get to too many houses because of our tired lion but it was well worth all the prep. Asher had his first piece of candy and loved it but I told him not to get used to it.....this is NOT a candy household. Here are the pics I hope you enjoy and I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween as well.

About to get Asher into his costume

The three grandmas and their little pumpkin!

Jd carved the pumpkin on the left and Asher picked the pumpkin on the right at Mother Nature's Farm

Dorothy and the Lion

Daddy in Asher's top half of his costume

He didn't know why daddy looked so funny

The whole gang that was dressed up!

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