Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Wear

Now that the weather is FINALLY cooling down and feeling like the holidays here in AZ I can bust out my fav winter wear. I have a little issue with hoarding and buying blazers. I can't help myself, there's something about them I just swoon over! The way they can add class or polish to any look, take a pair of skinny jeans to a new and fabulous level, or how no matter what I wear one with I instantly feel sexy......yup I think one of those must be the key.

Another item my husband thinks I am completely OCD over is my collection of scarves. Yes, I said collection. I have at least 30 in all different colors, lengths, textures, and styles. Every time I buy a new one my husband just shakes his head. That amazing man puts up with my many issues :)

Love the leopard with the red skinnies!

Obessed with this whole outfit! The big comfy sweater, the scarf, leggings, and adorbs wedges

I can't wait to try new and exciting combinations this holiday season, starting with maxi skirts and leather jackets! I am loving this chic yet girlie style that will catch everyone's eye.

Here are some other looks I'm loving!

Green peacock = LOVE

These pants are A-MAZ-ING!

See looks fabulous yet so comfy!

What winter styles are you crushing on?

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