Monday, November 7, 2011

House Hunter

Well it happened again.....I am on the new house kick! I love to decorate and the thought of getting to start from scratch and do it all over again gets my blood running. I love so many different styles of decorating that I am going to try a totally different genre with my next house {ok let's be real it probably won't be completely different.} I have decided our next house is going to be more on the modern side, you're welcome hubby. So when I say modern it isn't the extreme modern that you see sometimes with the weird sculptures and only prime colors. My version is more of just clean lines, not much clutter, and lots of white and black. I want the walls to be mostly a crisp white with accent walls of gray. I want dark almost black hardwood floors and just a few pops of colors here and there throughout the house. Here are some photos and items I have found that get my inspiration swirling! I hope you like my new style and Happy Monday loves!!!

Loving loving loving this yellow door

Obsessed with this bathroom and the fact that it looks modern and girlie at the same time

I want an almost all white kitchen

These are going to be the colors I do in Asher's next bedroom {with white and gray striped accent wall}

Clean lines = MUST

I'm so in love with Chicago I must get this art for my wall

Everyone needs a little zebra in their lives :)

Storage for Asher's playroom! Fabulous

Huge open kitchens in white make me drool {not on the counters though!}

What are some of your fav decorating styles right now?

Pics via Pinterest and Z Gallerie {my fav store!}

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