Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Time

My favorite part of the day for the past 10 1/2 months has always been right when Jd get home from work. Asher gets so excited to see his daddy and we get to all three play together for the first time of the day. Jd gives us kisses, goes upstairs to change, and when he comes back down it's time to party! Sometimes we play with trucks, others it's wrestling time for the boys, and lots and lots of days we have dance parties. Today we had a little bit of all of fun times playing with Asher's beloved giant stuffed baseball. Today we tried a new game: let's walk back and fourth to mommy and daddy over and over again. My baby boy is getting big and can almost walk on his own. We practice all the time and he just about has his balance down. When he gets excited he tries to run and of course falls......we obviously need to work on pacing ourselves :) Here are some pics of our family time from will probably be awhile before it's just us three again {lots of family coming into town for Thanksgiving and all.} Happy early Thanksgiving everyone since I probably won't be posting tomorrow!

Time for kisses!

My nugget is finally getting some hair!

Loading up the sack of potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner

This is seriously how he always walks, with his arms up in air in fists. He looks like he's thinking, "I'm super baby!!!"

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