Monday, January 30, 2012

Asher Gets His Hair Cut!

My baby boy is growing up! First a birthday party, now a haircut? Where is the time going? It was a bittersweet moment for this momma, on one hand I was the one cutting his hair so it was really special for me but on the other, it is just one more thing reminding me that Asher is growing up and isn't my little baby anymore. He is turning into a little man right before my eyes and while I love it and all the new things I get to teach him, the time is going by too fast.

Anyhoo, sorry for my random rant. Here is my little angel getting his very first haircut and loving every second of it! I am so blessed to have such a good baby. He was so happy to meet Santa and so happy to get his haircut. From what I have heard those are two things that are normally battles. He loved when I sprayed his hair with the water bottle and kept wanting to play with the comb while I was cutting. I eventually ended up giving him a bright green one and using another one so he didn't want to look up all the time to see what mommy was doing to his head!

Yay I just got to mommies salon and I am ready for my haircut!

Wow this is like a bath with my clothes on :)

He couldn't stop looking at my comb

His VERY long hair before we started

The first cut!

He loved looking at himself in the mirror while I cut

There were some weird positions JD had to get into so that I could cut my wiggle worms hair

So excited!

UP! {his fav word}

Now it's Asher's comb

My first haircut is done......BYE BYE!

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