Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to Slide

We are so lucky to have a park right down the street from our house in our neighborhood. Asher loves going on walks and hitting up the park afterwards. Asher hops into his Tiny Tikes Truck, mommy and daddy grab their sunglasses, and we are ready to roll out! We haven't really let Asher play on the jungle gym there very much because he just started walking a few months and can't get up there on his own. We decided that it was time for the slide. Needless to say, we should have done the slide a long time ago. He LOVES it! Asher smiled and giggled the whole time. He wanted to keep going down slide with daddy. Here are some snap shots I took of my happy little man and his new favorite place, the park and mainly the slide!

He had SO MUCH FUN! Yay for the park!

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