Friday, January 20, 2012


There are so many times I go to my friends house and see exciting and interesting ways they have used ordinary items to make extraordinary statements in their homes. I love how it makes you think and your eye goes straight to that area. I have so much unused stuff in our storage shed and the garage that I would love to reinvent and be able to use it again in my home. Here are some examples of the crafts I would like to try one day and spice things up! What are your latest crafty ideas?

Old shutters turned into a vintage side table

A stack of suitcases as a night stand

This ladder makes a fabulous towel rack!

Wouldn't it be exciting to eat off of these gems?

Unused dresser turned into a toddlers bed.....LOVE

Spray paint an old frame with interesting details to enhance that eye soar on the wall

Hanging table night stand

Um hello? Is this for real? It's so interesting and amazing

Big trunks can be coffee tables with lots of storage!

A wine rack makes a exciting towel holder for the bathroom

Spray painted flats with a mattress can make a bed in any room

Just paint the inside of your drawers for a pop of color in any room!!!

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