Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Start

It has been so crazy with the holidays and planning my baby boy's first birthday that I didn't even get a chance to set any New Years resolutions. I don't want to start out by making these crazy huge goals that I know I will never follow through with. It never fails, every year I decide I am going to lose 10 pounds every three months. Let's get real Marci, you are insane. Yes I can say that to myself. Everyone knows how bad I am at doing diets and sticking to them because my crazy life entails fast food sometimes. Fast food and extreme weight lose don't mix. This year I am going to be a realist and focus more on being happy and not skinny {well maybe both.} Here are my 2012 "GOALS" instead of "RESOLUTIONS." I will keep you updated on how my progress is. I am confident that 2012 will be the best year of my life!


Be the best momma I possibly can! I got two parenting books for Christmas and I am so happy to start reading them. Anything that can help me help Asher is exactly what I want.

Spend more quality time with JD. Being parents means less time for yourself. Even though JD and I have a lot of help from our amazing family, most of the time we have together we spend relaxing or hanging out with friends. This year I want to be more romantic. Instead of going out dancing with friends, we need to go to dinner or a nice wine bar and just talk sometimes. That one on one time will be very nice.

Be more active. This means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, jogging instead when Asher and I go on walks, having many more dance parties with my little man who loves music, and getting to the gym whenever possible.

Try to eat clean. I tried to vegan thing and I did for almost a month. It is very intense and my life {and love of meat and cheese} is not conducive to this. Instead I want to try to cut out processed food as much as possible. I also don't want to eat white flour unless I have to. Sometimes when I am with my family I have to because they only cook with white pasta and bread but at home I can make the whole wheat happen. I also need to give up soda again. I didn't have it for over a month and felt amazing! But like usual, her sultry allure pulled me back in......that bitch, she gets me every time.

Haha this is hilarious!

Forgive and forget. This is probably the hardest one on my list. I will just come out and say it, I am really fun and nice and will do anything for my friends, but if you hurt me and get on my bad side I can be one nasty bitch. I normally hold grudges for a very long time and when someone hurts me I want to hurt them back 10 times worse. I know it's bad but at least I can admit it right? Seeing as how I know this is a problem I am going to work super super hard to remember that no one is perfect, even me and I need to be more forgiving.

Learn a new language. My grandma wants to buy Asher the Rosetta stone so he can learn a second language young. JD and I are going to learn it with him and I am really leaning towards French. I love it and think it so beautiful and I really want to go to Italy one day so it would come in very handy. We will see though because I know that Spanish is more reasonable for Arizona life but oh well, I don't like to take the normal path.

Go to church more. Enough said. Everyone should no matter you believe in. Whenever JD and I are able to go we always feel so much better and happier. It kind of takes the weight off your shoulders to be reminded that we aren't alone and always have someone watching over us and our little family. It's just really hard because I work every other Saturday and JD works Monday-Friday so Sunday is sometimes the only day we have as a family and just want to relax. We will just have to buck up and relax once we get home from church.

Simplify. I want to simplify every aspect of my life, except my closet. I have said it time and time again this area is never getting touched so GET OVER IT!!! I want to clean out my house, have a garage sale, and donate the rest. I just need all the useless nonsense out of my house and out of my life. I want to get rid of any other areas of drama or unneeded stress in our lives and get the people who cause it out of our lives as well. This kind of contradicts my forgive and forget goal but we will see which one I find more important once I start.

Be more optimistic. I really want to look on the brighter side of things this year. I mean how can I not though with a perfect little angel like Asher?
Last but definitely not least, I want to change our spending habits and save more money. This shocks most people when I tell them but JD and I have never been on a budget. Yes that's right, you heard me, we have NEVER been on a budget. We pretty much just know how much we can spend and that's what we spend. We do put money into saving but nowhere near what we should because let's face it, I love to shop and JD and I really love to go out to dinner. We really need to change this because we are looking at buying a new house at the end of the year. We have made our first budget now and are going to try really hard to stick to it. I am not promising we will at first since it will take some getting used to and A LOT of self control, but I know we will at least do better then we are now.

This used to be the story of my life but now I can try re-wearing a dress every once in awhile! 

I hope you all had a fabulous New Years and an amazing start to your new year! What are some of your New Years resolutions?

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  1. Did you know that in Italy they speak Italian??

  2. Yeah but I thought they were really similar and French can used in a bunch of countries. I am I totally off base with this one?