Monday, January 2, 2012

Obsessing Over: Blog Addition

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sorry I have been MIA but we took a trip up to my cabin for a fabulous 3 day weekend. There was champagne, snow, and lots of snuggling. The guys made a snowman for Asher, we played fun games together, and the men went ice fishing. Yes you heard me, ice fishing, they are officially insane! I'm so glad there was no crazy bar hopping or fighting off the crowds this year on New Years Eve. We just hung out with the fam watching the New Years Rocking Eve show and dancing our fail feathers off to all the fun music while of course, sipping champagne! I was sad that my snuggle bear couldn't celebrate with us because it was WAY past his bedtime but we gave him tons of kisses before we put him down for bed. Don't worry I will be posting pics very soon!

Back to the obsessing over. I have a new blog that I am literally drooling over! It is called TheDayBookBlog and the fabulous creator's name is Sydney. She is totally adorable and loves all things fashionable like I do. She also just had a tiny baby boy named Everett who is just as cute! Sydney has a great fashion sense and comes up with interesting outfits. She loves color, fur, and layering.....LOVES! Check her out and come back here tomorrow where I will be posting pics of a new outfit and cabin fun, happy Monday cuties!

Always love fur

So cute!

Outfits while prego, I think I love these even more then when she wasn't!

Her and her cute hubby

The cutest momma style EVER!!!!

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