Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Wreath

Guess what kind of party my girlfriends and I had for Christmas? A Pinterest Party! Yes you heard me, we decided why not gather all our Pinterest obsessed friends and do a Christmas themed craft night. We did a gift exchange with a homemade Christmas craft found on Pinterest and also everyone brought an appetizer they made from a recipe they found there!

It was absolutely fabulous and everyone had a amazing time! We had wine, food, girlfriends, and crafts. Everyone chatted and mingled while talking about all the yummy new recipes we wanted to try after tasting the other ladies. There were all kinds of crafts and only two ladies brought the same thing, no one cared though since it was double sugar scrubs! After we all received a craft {white elephant style picking} everyone voted for the craft they thought was the cutest. The winner was Angie and I was the lucky one who got to take her craft home with me! And no I didn't rig the numbers drawing, I was the last one to get my number. 

Anyhoo, back to the crafts. Angie took a big hanging metal star and used mod podge to adhere Christmas scrapbook paper to the front. Then she took three rectangle pieces of wood and did the same thing to front of them and then added the letters J, O, and Y to the front of each to create a free standing JOY sign. It's super cute and I will definitely be displaying them next year! The craft that I made was a wreath, a Santa wreath to be exact. I think it turned out really cute and can't wait to have a Pinterest party for every holiday!

I took a round styrofoam wreath and wrapped it with red burlap fabric

Then I took the pre-starched black felt at Hobby Lobby and cut about a two inch wide strip and hot glued it straight across the wreath

Next, I took silver felt and cut a square piece that would just cover the width of the belt and cut the middle out so it looked like a belt buckle and hot glued it on top of the black

Finally, I took white fur and cut it into the shape of a beard and hot glued it to the top so it fell over the front and looked like santa's beard above his belt! 

What do you guys think? I love how it doesn't scream santa but you can see how it looks like him with red round belly that has a big belt over it and his white beard just over the top of it. 

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