Saturday, December 3, 2011

X-mas Pictures

Yay we got our CD of the photo sessions we had a few weeks ago and they are so cute! My little nugget is seriously the happiest, cutest, most smiley baby in the whole wide world. I love his little face and all the faces he makes while trying to show off for people. I already ordered our Christmas cards last night with my absolute favorite pic from that day but Im not going to show you that one.....sorry it's a surprise! Here are few of my adorable boys and I. Thanks Jasmine Amber Photography, you're awesome!

Obsessed with him!

The LOVE of our lives

Such a happy baby

Nothing beats a momma's love

One of my absolute favs!

The "Asher" face

I love his little smirk! It's like he is thinking "ya, you know I'm cute"

Love our little family of 3

He's perfection

Giving daddy kisses

My happy boy

The apple of our eyes

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  1. Seriously Cutest pictures ever! Love them! Love the "Asher face"