Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to December!

Yayyyyyyy! December is finally here! I thought the day would never come {at least since last year} when I was able to start writing 12 at the beginning of the date. Now the real fun begins. The decorations, the Christmas music, the crafts, the cookies {which I will be passing on this year,} the joy, the fun cards from family and friends, and the beautifully decorated trees that seem to be everywhere. I mean what is ever really better then Christmas time? You guessed it......NOTHING!!! I might be the biggest Christmas freak that ever walked this planet and I am proud of it. Now lets get down to business. I have a new, fun project to share with you all today. I completed my first ever yarn wreath. I think it looks absolutely fab and best of all is it's a Christmas wreath {duh!} I will give you a disclaimer for this project though, if you don't like tedious work that takes some time....don't try this one out. Just getting the yarn around the foam circle took me at least an hour because I had to do two layers. Also, you have to cut out all the flowers and triangles for the banner which can take a lot of work. Here is how I achieved my final product.

Holiday Yarn Wreath 


Styrofoam circle
Your choice of yarn
Different colors of felt squares
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Fabric shears/scissors


Take your styrofoam circle and glue the beginning of the yarn with the hot glue. Then start circling the yarn around the styrofoam making sure to keep it really close together so you can't see the foam underneath. Make sure to glue the yarn down about every 10 wraps or so. {I cut the yarn into long pieces and wrapped each one around one after another making it easier to control rather then having to wrap the whole yarn ball around the styrofoam.}

Here is what I had done after about 20 minutes....yeah it takes awhile!

This is what the styrofoam looked like once I had one layer of the yarn done. You can still see some green from the styrofoam underneath so I went around the whole thing again to add another layer making sure to cover any green left in between the yarn.

Once you are done with wrapping the yarn around your wreath, you will need to cut out your felt to make the flowers. THIS is the link that I used to learn how to cut them out. Once you have the flowers done, hot glue them in the placement that you want on your wreath. Next I cut out little triangles from the same colored felt used to make my flowers and then glued them to a piece of the same yarn used to wrap the styrofoam. Then glue the ends of the yarn so that it blends in with the other pieces of yarn you wrapped. I think this whole project without taking any breaks {I did it while watching tv} took me 2-2 1/2 hours. I think this might be my only wreath :)

This is the final product and I love it! I think is so fun and a very modern take on the traditional Christmas wreath.

The flowers

The banner

Also, I'm not sure how many recipe posts I will have coming up because I have made my new eating plan even more intense after the Victoria's Secret fashion show. I am not COMPLETELY vegan but also I don't eat any carbs. Some people might be thinking, What Does She Eat Then? I pretty much now live off of fruits, veggies, and hummus. I am hoping to make it till wish me luck! I am also working out at least a little every single day to make sure to keep my metabolism up and get that cardio in. I am determined to have the body that I want and I am extremely focused and dedicated when I want/need to be. Here is my quote of the month! Happy December 1st!!!!!!

I will NOT give up. Ever.

Her body is seriously A-MAZ-ING

Can you say abs or what!?

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