Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zoo Lights and Outfit Today

Tonight was the night we have been waiting for......Zoo Lights! Yay I love Christmas lights and look forward to going every year. This year my fabulous In-laws and Jd's aunt and uncle came with us. When we were almost there and getting ready to park we quickly realized we were in for a rude awakening. It was packed!!! the entire zoo parking lot was already filled and we were having to park in another one a mile away and walk the whole way there {and yes my precious son wanted to be held the whole way.} We walked up to the entrance and the line was all the way to street. for those of you have been to the zoo, you know how far back that is. Thank goodness my in-laws {have i mentioned yet that they are fabulous?} had gotten there on time since we were running late and stood in line and got the tickets. we were able to walk up to the front, grab our tickets from them, and stroll right in. Im pretty sure i heard the people in line bitching us out {well probably cause I would have been.}

So back to the point, Asher was obsessed! I don't mean just a little obsessed, i mean over the moon and couldn't stop looking around and pointing to all the lights. It was a little chilly tonight but we bundled up and my boy had a smile on his face the entire time! It's crazy how the look on my son's face when he sees zoo lights can then light up my whole world. Here are the snaps i took of our exciting outing and our little family of threes first trip to zoo lights with asher!

He wanted to play with mommies furry gloves instead of looking at the camera

My fav at Zoo Lights

Do I not have the cutest boys or what?!

Pure love

All the ladies with the stud muffin himself!

He was showing grandpa all the christmas lights!

Outfit today: I pink it might be cold

Date: December 21, 2011

Event: This crazy thing called life which turned into zoo lights later on

This is the outfit I wore during the day while I ran errands with Asher

These are my fav pair of boots right now because not only are they super comfy and stylish but they are flat so no matter what I am doing with asher, i can handle it

obsessed with the zipper and blue detail in the back

I mean who doesn't love a bright pink peacoat? I knew it might be chilly since we would be walking around outside and I am sooooo glad i brought this gem with me

Yup im in love with it

As you all know I have an insane love of fur {faux to be exact} and when i laid eyes on these beauties i knew they had to be mine!

what my outfit consisted of:

top: victoria's secret {loves}
pants: forever 21
jacket: the limited {gifted years ago from my mom and I will treasure forever}
gloves: loft
earrings and belt: forever 21
watch: Dolce and Gabbana from nordstrom
boots: gifted from my lovely sister last christmas!

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