Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Greatest Gift

With Christmas being tomorrow I am stopping to remember the things in my life which are the most precious, the things you can't buy, and the things that can never be replaced. I am most thankful for my blessing and gifts which are not things at all, they are my son and husband. These are the only two blessings that I actually need and everything else is just the frosting on the cake. When I met JD I knew he was special. We were together from the night we met and as much as I refused to say he was the one at first, I would use the phrase "he is different from other men." I had never met a mad who let me be who I wanted to be, who didn't try to control me or tell me what to do, and who didn't care what other people thought and just loved me. He was special and still is. He is my other half and he gave me the greatest blessing of all, my son. Now I have two amazing men in my life. I never understood what my friends were talking about when they said,  "you can't describe the type of love you have for you child. It's not like loving anyone else in this world." I used to think they were crazy and just those woman who were obsessed with their kids. Now that I have Asher, I know exactly what they mean. You can't "tell" someone or even "show" them what a mother's love is, it's too amazing to describe. Once you have a baby they are your everything. You gave them life and they, in return, show you what the true meaning of living and loving is. I look back on my life before Asher and think, "what did I used to do? why did I even wake up? did I actually think my life would better doing anything else then being a mom?" There is nothing more important to me then these two boys and they are my entire world. Thank you God for my many blessings, I may not be the richest, prettiest, or most talented person in the world, but I am the luckiest. God has given me everything I have ever wanted and I have never been happier. Thank you for the gifts I will receive for Christmas but I really don't need anything else. I have the best of everything in our little family of three and could never begin to explain how thankful I am!

Merry Christmas everyone and count your blessings as often as you can!

This is how my life started!

It was true love from day 1

The reason I wake up in the morning

Asher leaving one of his gift for mommy on the tree!

I never knew what love was until God made me a mommy

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